I went to the Indian food store today with my mom and I stumbled upon these, among a dozen other skin whitening products marketed towards both men and women. I’ve always known Fair and Lovely is a thing but Fair and Teens, a skin whitening product targeted specifically at young girls, makes me so so sad. That image alone comparing the before and after images of skin tone is so sickening to me and only perpetuates the shadism desi people experience every day in an effort to look as white as possible because apparently the only way to be beautiful is to be white. It just makes me so angry that products like this exist and that they’re indirectly responsible for a lot of young brown girls internalized hatred for their skin and their race. Speaking as someone that’s been there, please don’t fall into this trap. Your skin is beautiful no matter how dark or light it is.

i am rly tired i didnt go to school today and my body is rly sore but i work at 1 until 9:30 so!!!!!

good morning do i skip school

goodnight mega babies

this website preaches body positivity yet i scroll down my dash seeing only “thin” white people y’all love to praise for the aesthetic

friends are so important dont ever let friends who care about you slip away!!!!!!